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Facility Security Officer (FSO) consulting services

Contractors that have been granted a facility security clearance and are new to complying with

the NISPOM sometimes seek to have a consultant serve as their Facility Security Officer

(FSO) without realizing that this is effectively prohibited by clause 1-201 of the NISPOM. That

clause of the NISPOM states that "The contractor shall appoint a U.S. citizen employee, who is

cleared as part of the facility clearance (FCL) to be the FSO." Thus, the Facility Security

Officer (FSO) must be an employee of the organization, not a consultant or independent

contractor. The Defense Security Service examines a cleared organization's compliance with that

requirement during inspections. Therefore, to avoid such violations of the NISPOM, we consult to

clients' Facility Security Officers (FSO), rather than serving in that role. To discuss your

organization's specific needs and concerns, please contact us.


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