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NISPOM Security Briefings

Clause 3-106 of the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM)

requires that "Prior to being granted access to classified information, an employee shall receive

an initial security briefing." Clause 3-107 (Refresher Training) of the NISPOM

requires that all cleared employees be provided with "some form of security education and

training at least annually." The sample security briefings below meet the NISPOM's

requirements for initial and refresher briefings to include a threat awareness briefing,

defensive security briefing, an overview of the security classification system, and employee

reporting obligations and requirements. They have been updated to reflect the new

requirements imposed by Executive Order 13526 and recent counterintelligence news. One

security briefing is for facilities that possess/safeguard classified information. The other

security briefing does not contain guidance on safeguarding classified information.

Beware of using incomplete security briefings found elsewhere on the Web that do not meet

NISPOM clause 3-106(e)'s requirement to include "security procedures and duties applicable

to the employee's job." Using such a security briefing could result in your organization bring

faulted for that NISPOM compliance deficiency in a government inspection of your security

program. Thus, when you purchase one of the below security briefings, we will also provide

consulting service to help you add security procedures and duties applicable to your particular

employee's job. This service is included in the price of our NISPOM security briefings.

You will be taken to PayPal's secure Web site to pay for the NISPOM security briefing.

Once payment is made, you will be e-mailed the NISPOM security briefing within 24

hours. If you need to rush delivery, please call us after making payment.


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